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Great work, ClaimsBazaar. I was able to get my stolen car’s full value with your expert claims assistance.

Mrs. Roberts, Delhi, India

My daughters health insurance Claim was rejected by the Insurer for want of First Treatment details. Since initially we had only gone to an ayurvedic clinic,.. <!–we did not have the details. The CEO of Claims Bazaar instructed us on how to proceed, and, also prepared the representation, based on which the Insurers settled the claim in full. Wishing” Claims Bazaar” to be a help to many.

Shanmugam, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu

In 2014 my car “Wagon R” which had come for servicing and at the time of doing a welding work due to sparks, suddenly the fire originated and the car was damaged by fire. I had a Fire Policy for the cars that are in the workshop with New India Assurance Co. Ltd. After the survey there were some disputes with the Insurance company due to quantum of the claim. When I could no longer handle, I heard about Claims Bazaar and handed over the papers to them. From there they took on in Jan’2015. In about a month’s time the claim was settled to my satisfaction.

Proprietor of Sun Motors, Salem, Tamil Nadu

We are in the business of floriculture in The Nilgiris, growing Lilium flowers. We import the bulbs from Netherlands which are shipped to us in refrigerated containers. On one occasion the bulbs reached the destination in Coonoor in damaged condition. The Marine policy was taken from a foreign Insurance company and the CEO of Claims Bazaar guided us and we were able to get 100% of the loss. Wishing Claims Bazaar the very best.

M Balaji Rao, Nilgiri Agro Industries(P) Ltd.

My son was a driver in a transport company, transporting good all over India. On 02/04/2014 while on one such trip in a highway robbery he was murdered at Nagpur, Maharashtra. During the month of Feb’2015 when I was cleaning a wardrobe and unexpectedly I found a Personal Accident Policy taken by him through SBI General Insurance Co. Ltd. who had covered him for a sum of Rs.4 lakhs. Not knowing what to do, I showed this to my employer who got in touch with Claims Bazaar. They immediately took up the claim and handled the claim right from intimation to settlement. Although the claim was intimated belatedly, due to their professional expertise and representation and proper handling the claim was settled in August 2015. Since many papers had to be obtained from Nagpur Police Station and the court at Nagpur, Claims Bazaar handled the same and handled the claim smoothly. I thank Claims Bazaar and wish them well to help many such poor people like me in their future endeavors.

G. Lakshmi, Erode, Tamil Nadu

My only son Late Jeffery holding an International ATM cum Debit card of Union Bank of India,Coonoor Branch, The Nilgiris, Tamilnadu was covered through their master policy for personal accident for a sum of Rs.2 lakhs. Due to a ghastly road accident he passed away on 24/11/2013. Due to shock and illiteracy we could intimate the bank only on 18/01/2014. I had submitted all the papers in May 2014 to the banker who forwarded the papers in the month of July’14 to New India Assurance Co.Ltd., Mumbai. However in the month of March 2015 I was called to the bank and was informed that the papers had been sent to the wrong Insurance Company and the same has to be re forwarded to Oriental Insurance Company Ltd., Mumbai. The said papers were again sent to Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. in the month of March2015. During the month of June’15 a reply was received by the bank from Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. stating that the claim cannot be settled due to late intimation. This caused me terrible agony. During December 2015 I was directed by a well wisher to Claims Bazaar. From then on they took over and made proper representation to the Insurance Company and sending grievance to IRDA. By their untiring efforts the claim was finally settled in the month of April’16 for Rs.2 lakhs. I wish them well and hope many a poor people like us will enjoy their services in future.

Mrs Delma R, Coonoor, The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

My company’s pick up rolled down a hill after the driver lost control, resulting in total loss to the vehicle. Claims Bazaar helped me to get the full value of the vehicle from Bajaj General Insurance Co. Ltd., Let Claims Bazaar be a help to many.

C.B.R. Reddy, Greenland Agro Farms.

In the month of March 2014, I was returning from San Francisco to Hyderabad via Frankfurt…On arrival at Frankfurt, due to strike by the airport staff, the whole Airport was in chaos and I was not guided to the departure gate of my flight to Bangalore. When, somehow, the Airline staff showed up they said that the connecting flight had departed. We were stranded and were held there for almost 12 hours. During this period the Airline personnel did not even bother to provide drinking water and we were forced to buy water and snacks. Then we were boarded into a British Airways flight from Frankfurt to London. At London my baggage was available. From London I boarded the flight to Bangalore en-route to Hyderabad. On arriving at Hyderabad, I found that the checked in baggage had not arrived. Hence, immediately I launched a complaint with British Airways at the airport, regarding missing baggage. Two weeks later one baggage was delivered but totally torn and clothing missing. After another week another bag was delivered with again clothing and certain items missing. I had taken a Travel Insurance Policy with M/s Reliance General Insurance Co.Ltd. I made a claim with M/s Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd., (duly assisted by Claims Bazaar), who paid me $50 for spending amount at the Airport, but, denied the baggage claim stating that there is no cover for delayed or damaged baggage when coming back to India. Immediately I approached Claims Bazaar who filed an online “Baggage Damage Report” with British Airways. When uploading the damage details, Claims Bazaar advised me to inform exact details of the damage and goods lost. The bill for damaged bag was also uploaded. In about a week’s time British Airways responded and settled the full claimed amount. Thanks to the expertise of Claims Bazaar I have recovered the damage.

Dr. Bhulakshmi V, Secundrabad, India

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